One man show on Frederick Douglass on its way to Beaufort

Flickr user Marion Doss

Actor, writer, directer, and current creative director of Charleston's Creative Arts Development, Whitfield Sims, Jr., is hosting a one man "Frederick Douglass" show at the Community Art Center, Theater and Gallery.

The historical Douglas (1818-1895) was a leader of the abolitionist movement who was known for his "dazzling oratory skills."

And it's that which Sims seeks to capture, Douglass' drive for abolition and fiery skills as an orator, "you will find an artist who takes pride in possessing the soul of characters portrayed" into outward believability, not only in the historical figure of Douglass, but of the equality for which he fought. 

The shows on Friday, February 25, and Saturday, February 26, will start at 8 p.m., while the Sunday, February 27, event will start at 3 p.m. Those interested can purchase tickets online; with the cost listed as $15 per adult, $10 per child aged 13 and up, and $5 per child younger than 12 years old.

For more information on the event, follow the link.

The play is at ARTworks, located at 2127 Boundary Street in the Kmart/Bi-Lo Plaza of Town Center. (843) 379-2787.